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Kapadokya 50 is a traditional Turkish run family restaurant, owned by Hayati & Mithat Kucukkoylu. It is situated in the city centre of York, North Yorkshire with easy access to public transport including a good bus network, and it is only a short walk from York Railway Station and within easy walking distance of all the major city centre hotels.

The food is cooked on a traditional BBQ grill and is all freshly sourced and prepared every day. Choose from a wide selection of starters and main courses including marinated meat, seafood and vegetarian dishes, complemented with fresh salads and a delightful range of traditional Turkish desserts.

Watch your food being char-grilled on the open BBQ by our Turkish chef, in the relaxing dining room, and experience our Turkish hospitality at its finest.

Most people who are interested in travel will know of Kapadokya, the area of Turkey after which the restaurant takes its name, and which is famous for its spectacular cave-like houses and temples.

Kapadokya is a prime agricultural region and survives as a name for one of Turkey’s most visited tourist areas. The history of Kapadokya began with the eruption of two volcanoes that spread a thick layer of hot volcanic ash over the region. The volcanic ash hardened and became ‘tufa’, a soft porous stone that over time was moulded by the wind and rain into the strange conical towers we see today. These shapes with their harder tops are known as ‘fairy chimneys’ which were used as homes.

In more recent times the fairy chimneys are used as cold storage for lemons and apricots grown nearby. People come from all over the world to visit the open air museum and explore the rock hewn churches and dwellings in the surrounding valleys to gaze at the fairy chimneys and plumb the depths of the underground cities of the beautiful, breathtaking Kapadokya.

Mitat, the owner, wanted to create a restaurant which looked right aswell as offering a fine menu. He brought in designer Phil Cook ofScarborough to create the right appearance, and Phil has combined oldand new ideas.

Phil says: "I've gone for a traditional Turkish look with a modernEnglish twist. A lot of material has been hand-made in Turkey for therestaurant, including customised metallic dishes, panels and ceramics."There are also framed pictures of traditional Turkish scenes from thedays of the Ottoman Empire.

So sit back, relax and enjoy your meal. We are sure that you will enjoy the experience of dining at Kapadokya 50 - Thank you for your custom.

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